Elevated living

Contemporising and transforming a dated bungalow.

house at monvoy

This project involves the extension of a 1970’s bungalow which has reached the end of its useful life expectancy and requires significant upgrading and the addition of accommodation to meet the contemporary requirements of a family home.

The proposals involve minor internal interventions and a rear extension at ground floor level to provide extra living space to the property and the partial first floor extension of the property to provide sleeping accommodation and a new detached garage.

Section through house at Monvoy by Diarmuid Reil Architects
House at Monvoy designed by Diarmuid Reil Architect

Optimised design

The ground floor proposals largely maintain the orientation of the functions of the house, but through considered internal re-planning and some minor extensions allows for the better utilisation of the ground floor area and bring it into line with the contemporary requirements for a family home and to take advantage of the sites orientation. The extension at ground floor contains a dining, living and kitchen area as part of a redesigned open plan family area in the house and also a small utility room extension. It is also proposed to demolish the existing garage and relocate this to the north of the site, to allow the living spaces, both internal and external, make the best use of the site orientation. The ground floor now extends into the garden and blurs the lines between the interior and exterior so that the family can enjoy the benefits of both.


The first floor extension includes a master bedroom, en-suite and walk-in-robe area to act as a master suite for the house. This has been located in a position to maximise separation distances to the adjoining housing and therefore minimise any impact on these properties.


The design proposals are contemporary in nature and utilise high-quality traditional materials, in a contemporary manner, to provide a quality external finish. The selected finishes complement the existing house and the adjoining building stock. The house is located in a significant position in Tramore and the contemporary design allows the extended property to provide a more significant and suitable bookend to the street and area in which it is located.

Plans of family home design at Monvoy Tramore Waterford
Plans of family home design at Monvoy Tramore Waterford

“Our work is based on a contextual approach to architecture and urban design, where all projects are informed by the physical, urban, social, economic and environmental context of the project. This understanding of the projects’ greater context allows for the delivery of a project which is a creative response to this context and the client’s brief requirements, striving at all times to exceed the client’s expectations. ”

Diarmuid Reil | Architect

Diarmuid Reil MRIAI RIBA is a Registered Architect